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Twilight Photography

With an air of mystique, magnificent twilight shots set themselves apart from the crowd when buyers scroll through thumbnails, browse listings, or search the internet. It allows an agent to showcase features of a home that are not visible during the day or that might be less-than-impressive without some help.

Many features – a deck, a pool, or a patio fire pit – can come to new life in the light of the rising or falling sun. At the same time, defects are de-emphasized in a twilight photo.

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The Golden Shot

Twilight Photography

The Process

1. Timing

We only have a few minutes to shoot the exterior images, so our photo session must start at least an hour before sunset to ensure enough time to set the framing in every detail. Good weather is also essential. While a few clouds can add a colorful touch, it is not easy to predict a magical sunset. 

2. Turn the lights on

What makes sunset photography so fascinating is the richness and vividness of the colors. The blue of the sky and yellow of the lighting are the opposites of the color wheel. For this reason, the combination adds a distinctive character to the photo. Make sure all lights, interior and exterior, are on at the time of the shoot.

3. Remove miscellaneous on the way 

Open the blinds, and remove solar screens or window coverings that may take away from the beauty of the interior. 

4. Voilà...

Now, leave it to us to color-correct your images to contrast the blue sky and warm interior lights perfectly. Expect a beautiful hero shot that stands out amongst other listings!

Virtual Twilight

Virtual Twilight Photography

The Golden Cost-Effective Solution

We use exterior photographs taken during daylight and digitally alter them to reflect the warm indoor lights and cool outdoor hues of a home’s exterior at dusk. 
It is a cost-effective solution, yet with superb-quality outcomes. These photos aren’t just for luxury listings. For properties requiring exterior improvements, virtual twilight can add a polished look, improve curb appeal and increase buyer interest in practically any property.


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