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Photography Checklist

Our priority is to present your home in the best light. This checklist will help you get everything ready for photos and open house days. 

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  1. Turn lights off and replace any burnt out bulbs

  2. Close all windows and open blinds/window treatment to let light in

  3. Create open spaces by removing unnecessary furniture

  4. Clear countertops and shelves

  5. Turn all TVs and screens off

  6. Remove personal photographs

  7. Remove small rugs 

  8. Place shoes and jackets in closets

Room-By-Room Preparation


  1. Remove cars from driveway 

  2. Close garage doors

  3. Remove trash and recycling bins

  4. Remove garden tools

  5. Mow and edge grass front and back



  1. Remove small appliances

  2. Remove refrigerator magnets and photos

  3. Store dishes

  4. Hide soaps and cleaning items

  5. Remove visible trash bins

  6. Clear and wipe down countertops


Living Room and Dining Room

  1. Remove magazines and personal papers

  2. Remove clutter from shelves and tables

  3. Vacuum and sweep floors

  4. Open curtains or window shades

  5. Turn off ceiling fans and TV



  1. Clean countertops

  2. Remove brushes and shavers

  3. Clean mirrors and toilet

  4. Leave the toilet seat down

  5. Remove floor mats

  6. Remove items from bathtubs and showers (shampoo, conditioner, loofas, etc)

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  1. Remove visible clothes and clutter

  2. Hide personal items and visible cables

  3. Close all closets

  4. Remove items from night stand

  5. Clean under bed if this area is visible 


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