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Short Term Rental Media

A Pivotal Role in Bookings

According to FlipKey, properties with over 20 photos see an 83% increase in bookings. Further, listings featuring video tours receive 403% more inquiries ( and those with a 3D tour result in a 300% engagement increase (Matterport). In essence, high-quality media builds trust, enhances guest experience, and significantly boosts bookings, making it indispensable in today's digitally connected world.


You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression

The Cover Photo

Short Term Rental Platform

The Impact of Video

In our highly digital era, videos are an influential bridge connecting people to anything else in this world. They’re not just a good-to-have, they’re a MUST-HAVE. 

Ever experienced the magic of a getaway video where the allure of the neon blue waters or grand mountain views stay in your head long after the video ends? You think about that getaway at work, at school, while you’re driving, or even in the bathroom.


That is the exact impact we aspire to deliver with our services. 

We are passionate about bringing your property to life on any screen. By crafting captivating videos, we aim to not just showcase your property, but to tell its unique story and create anticipation for unforgettable vacation experiences. 

What's Included

STR Photography 
Starting at $299

Interior and Exterior Photos

Wide angle photos of each bedroom and/or living space.


Situated in a building complex with a gym, pool, or lounge? We capture it all.

Vignette Shots

Creative shots and close up detail shots of staged spaces and decor, special touches and amenities within the rental space, and outdoor spaces (if applicable)

Optional Add-Ons

These additions ensure your property stands out with detailed imagery and highlights, making it irresistibly appealing to potential guests

Screenshot 2023-05-17 at 8.17.41 PM.png


We deem it to be one of the most attractive way to get prospects. Maybe even more than photos, but that's another discu


Property Website

A helpful tool to display all information on your listing and allow prospects to reach you directly. 


Aerial Drone Photography

Aerial shots give a dramatic effect to prospects. Take them to unique angle of your property.

Walking by a Vintage Store

Neighborhood Highlights

Capture the charm of your local neighborhood parks, shops, museums, and more.


3D Matterport Virtual Tour

Give a virtual taste of what it will be like to stay at your property. This provides a life-like experience to get prospects excited about the real thing.

Dramatic Sunset over the Mountains

Twilight Services

A unique perspective of your listing in unique lighting either taken at the correct time or virtually altered.. 

DirectConnect: Websites Direct to Host

We offer listing websites as your gateway to reach prospects on your short-term rentals. Dive deep into the details of your listings, give prospects a genuine feel of each property, and connect directly with viewers. No middlemen. No hidden fees. Just pure, direct connections ensuring you get the most from your listing. 

Real Estate
Short Term Rental

The main goal of real estate photography is to present holistic view of the property, encompassing the structure, its surroundings, and every room inside. Given that properties often lack elaborate staging, the photography aims to be more informational than artistic.

On the other hand, photography for Airbnb demands a deeper investment of time and expertise from the photographer. It entails meticulously setting up and tweaking furniture and decorative items to obtain the ideal image. As suggested by Airbnb, the photographer should also capture several detailed shots, like close-ups of headboards and decorative accents.

Consequently, while a professional photographer might spend 1-2 hours on a real estate shoot, an Airbnb property of a similar dimension might necessitate 3-5 hours, if not more, to secure the desired outcome.

Which One Would Be Your Next Destination?


The Proven Social Media Marketing Strategy for STRs


Select Your Preferred Social Media Platforms

Identify 2-3 social media platforms where your target audience is most active and revamp your profile descriptions to reflect your brand.


Develop and Refine a Posting Schedule

Create a dynamic social media calendar and update it regularly to ensure timely and relevant posts.


Generate and Recycle Content

This is where we come in. Craft original content and repurpose existing material to keep your social media feed fresh and engaging. Trust us to do the heavy lifting of creating your media. Regularly publish content in different formats like posts, stories, and reels to engage a wider audience.


Leverage Post Optimization Techniques

Enhance the reach of your posts using hashtags, @-mentions, and other engagement-boosting techniques. 

The house is in a modern style. Eco-friendly housing. Combination of wood and metal. Entra

Grow Your Vision

Your property's charm deserves to be showcased in the best possible light, and together, we can make that happen.

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